Doors of Tomorrow

The campaign

Doors of Tomorrow is a communication campaign produced in 2017 by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, Tirana’s Office. It had two main elements. The first: a big event of the Italian Cooperation System, opening and 7 days of side events at COD – Center for Openness and Dialogue, Prime Minister’s Office, Tirana –. The second: an original installation of 7 artworks open to the public for 30 days, from 1 November to 1 December 2017.

The gallery



Humans don’t have colors in common. They have water, earth and energy in common. This work represents three important added values of the Italy-Albania Cooperation. Protection and enhancement of natural and cultural capital, support and modernization of tourist and agri-food micro-enterprises, infrastructures for transport and distribution of water and energy are areas of intervention where the impact of the Italian Cooperation on Albanian communities has been and continues to be important. Some examples? The creation of the first Albanian marine protected area of Karaburun Sazan in the Bay of Vlora, the creation of incubators for the micro agri-food and tourism business in Permet, Fier, Reç and Divjake, the construction of the Tirana Power Plants I and II and the National Dispatch and Telecontrol Center of Energy in Tirana.

Open carpet


A carpet made in Kruja with a loom. An ancient art, still preserved in Albania. A QR code in the center. Innovating traditions and strengthening the historical and cultural identities of communities is a driving force for socio-economic development. The Italian Cooperation shares the best Italian public and private excellences to turn local identities and traditions into a concrete opportunity of future.

Unitive walls


Too many divisive walls have been planned and built recently throughout the International context. In spite of them, the Italian Cooperation builds unitive walls. They are the ones of new schools, hospitals, laboratories, bridges, only to mention some of them. They are walls that get local communities closer to social integration, respect and successful coexistence. Far from the illusion to grow through isolation, Italy shares stable spaces of dialogue, peace and sustainable development.



A question mark in the mirror forms a heart. A question becomes living energy. Replying to requests that come from developing communities is the most important value of the Italian Cooperation. This artwork is a symbol of the fundamental principle of local ownership of the development processes.

Madonna with the child backturned


This work overturns the classic setting of Italian Middle Age and Renaissance paintings Madonna with Child. Turning your back means being in clear disagreement. The work portrays an abused woman with her child, protected in a shelter supported by the Italian government in Albania. The Italian Cooperation supports the defense of victims of abuse. And repudiate violence. Without ifs and buts.

Door of tomorrow


An open door, shaped like a human being. Dialogue and coexistence are sources of socio-economic development. This artwork also communicates an even more important element. Without transparency, rule of law and good governance, the Sustainable Development Goals are not achievable. The Italian Cooperation leaves the door of tomorrow open.

Nest swing


Wild species need a healthy environment, just like children. The Italian Cooperation with its initiatives protects biodiversity and enhances the natural resources of many protected areas in the Western Balkans, to increase tourism and economic activities of local communities.

The event

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