Frequently Asked Questions

Made With Italy is a non-profit brand owned by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in the Western Balkans. It supports the stability of development processes undertaken by communities, micro enterprises and local institutions, especially those in poor areas and areas at greatest risk of emigration. It promotes the best success stories of International development cooperation initiatives financed by the Italian Government, in all its sectors of intervention. It is a concrete response for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and the European integration of the region.

Made in Italy is a brand in the free international market. It promotes Italian excellence in the world for the economic growth of Italy. The Made With Italy ethical brand enhances the results of and promotes the public and private Italian Development Cooperation System. Its goals are exclusively the fight against poverty and emigration, the protection of natural and cultural capital, the promotion of peace and fundamental rights, the path towards European integration and democratic reforms in the Western Balkans. The Made With Italy ethical brand is, in other words, the international social responsibility of Italy.

The Made With Italy ethical brand can be assigned exclusively to public and private partners and beneficiaries of International cooperation initiatives financed by the Italian Government in the Western Balkans. For more information, read the disciplinary of the current categories, which do not limit the fields of applicability of the ethical brand.