Italy tells is a communication campaign of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, Tirana. It promotes the work done in Albanian villages, alongside rural communities. The initiatives financed by the Italian Government have enhanced the typical features of the territories, improving production chains and contributing to making products and services real tourist attractions. The Italy tells campaign portrays in particular the typical elements of the areas of Malesi e Madhe, Skodra, Gjirokaster and Permet, regions in which Italy has funded cooperation initiatives for three decades. Consortia of local producers, incubators of typical products and new businesses have been created. Technologies and professional skills have been innovated. It is a story of friendship and work that has consolidated over time the relations between two countries that are close not only geographically, but above all from the human and cultural point of view: Albania and Italy.

Ernesto Spinelli Communication Management and Copywriting

Ina Lisi Concept

Erfort Kuke Photography

Martin Bejleri Production Management

Kube Studios Creative Agency